5 Benefits of TeamNet you may not know existed…for GPs!

TeamNet can help you collect and store CPD records, provide clinical guidelines for your GP consultations and synchronise all data with your Clarity account.


5 Benefits of TeamNet you may not know existed…for GPs!

TeamNet was developed to meet the needs of primary care teams. Through this platform, team members can log in to a unique interface and have access to clinical guidance, CQC compliance, knowledge sharing, workforce management and HR toolkit.

1. TeamNet links with Clarity 

You may not realise that TeamNet can help you collect CPD evidence and sync with your Clarity account. This will dramatically reduce your workload, saving time and hassle. To sync your CPD records from TeamNet, you will just need to ensure that:

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2. You Can use TeamNet for CPD records

If you’re unaware of the link between TeamNet and Clarity, there’s a reasonable chance you’re unfamiliar with using TeamNet as a CPD resource. The following items are commonly stored in TeamNet, all of which can be used to record CPD evidence.

Every item gives you option to ‘Record as CPD’ – where you can record reflection, time spent, learning methods and map to the GMP domains. You can even add further attachments to support this as evidence. With a click of a button, your items can be synced with your Clarity Appraisals.

3. TeamNet features its own Clinical Support Information area

Head to the Clinical Support in TeamNet, and you’ll find a range of clinical topics containing up-to-date and accurate information from trusted sources. Here you can find a range of guidelines to assist you during GP consultations or to simply use as a learning tool or CPD opportunity.

TeamNet includes (as standard) NICE guidelines, Clinical Knowledge Summaries, NICE Treatment Summaries, NICE Treatment Summaries for Children, NB Medical KISS summaries, The Green Book, and Patient Leaflets.

Clinical guidelines, pathways and other local clinical information may well be stored in TeamNet if your practice is part of a wider sharing group.

4. Statutory & Mandatory GP Training

TeamNet’s eLearning add-on includes all the statutory and mandatory training you are required to undertake as a GP. If your practice has subscribed to this optional add-on, you’ll find all the courses in the ‘Staff Training’ module within TeamNet. 

This means you don’t need to leave TeamNet to complete your training, and you will be alerted when any training is due by your personalised to-do-list in TeamNet.

5. Rotas, diaries, meetings, and holidays

If your practice actively uses TeamNet, there will be much useful day to day information available to you. For example, the TeamNet diary will alert you to meetings that you are required to attend and if your Practice Manager has started using the new rota management tool, your shifts will also appear in your diary.

TeamNet is also the place to go to book your holidays, which you can do so from the comfort of your home as you can log in anywhere, on any device with Wi-Fi.

TeamNet is not just a practice management and HR tool but a rich resource that can be utilised in your clinical practice, for HR purposes, and for your professional development.

Teamnet, CPD Records & Your GP Practice 

If TeamNet is being used in your practice, and you wish to explore all that it can offer to you as a GP, there are resources to help you find your way. Simply head to the Help section to browse our user guides and videos.

In case you require any further information, feel free to Contact us, our team of professionals is ready to assist you!