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Agilio has supported the safe and efficient running of healthcare practices for over 40 years

We use that expert experience to build the innovative products and services that have helped make us one of the largest providers of compliance and learning software. We’re developing into new sectors and continuing to launch new products and expand our reach to even more customers.

Who we support

Our software supports clinicians across a wide range of healthcare disciplines. They rely on us to help them safely and efficiently run their practices,
while meeting all compliance guidelines.

Over 80% of dental practices in England are engaged with Agilio through one of our products. We help dentists stay compliant with iComply, train staff with iLearn and streamline HR with iTeam. Discover what we can do for your practice today.

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GPs trust iComply to keep their surgeries up-to-date with compliance and regulations. Discover how we can help free you from admin so you can focus on patient care.

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We help ease the demanding schedules of medical staff with iLearn, which offers all the teaching tools they need in one place. Discover how we can help you maintain your high standard of quality care.

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Our Software

We design and build software to help healthcare practices automate their processes so they can focus on patient care. We provide the leading compliance management solution and the most widely used online CPD platform. Our HR solutions automate the process of team scheduling, HR document management, onboarding and compliance checks.

Agilio iComply


Remove uncertainty from dental compliance. 

iComply is an easy-to-use app which lets you quickly schedule dental compliance and task management. With over 500 templates available, you’ll have everything you need to set up and manage your dental practice.

Agilio iLearn


Train and track your progress with ease.

iLearn gives you an engaging and straightforward way to complete the training your job requires. Track your time and monitor your progress so you – and your practice – comfortably meet the standards of Enhanced CPD.

Agilio iTeam


Your digital HR department. 

Stay on top of everything to do with your team, their wellbeing and employment with iTeam. Automate your contracts, staff handbook and policies so you can focus on running your practice. And if you need a bit more help, you’ll have access to expert legal advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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