Manage your assets with ease. Use iService to track, service, repair and replace your dental equipment. Minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


The UK’s first dental-specific asset management service

Make spreadsheets a thing of the past and get your assets under control.​ iService is the newest addition to the Agilio Software family of time, cost and stress-saving applications to automate asset management within your business and put everything you need in one, convenient place.

iService is perfect for practices and dental groups that struggle to maintain an asset list and keep on top of their service dates and faults. And no one wants faulty equipment that can lead to cancelled treatments, lost income, health and safety risks, failed CQC inspections and expensive repairs and replacements that you hadn’t budgeted for.

Our intelligent platform helps you easily and quickly create an asset register and log faults, services and repairs, whilst providing the management information you need to drive commercial decisions across one or multiple practices.

With over 40 years of expertise in dental business support, you can rely on Agilio to help your business thrive.

Key Features

  • Complete asset listing

    A single database of all your assets inc. make, model, cost, age, location, fault and servicing. Choose from our pre-populated list of leading suppliers and use our QR code generator to quickly and easily build your list.

  • Fault reporting workflow

    A uniform process for fault reporting means team members know where and how to report faults, managers are notified to take prompt action, and there is an audit trail for tracking faults, repair costs and potential training issues.

  • Digital repository for operational documentation and certificates

    Documents are held centrally and tagged to the asset, enabling instant viewing of all installation notes, user manuals, service records, and certifications. No more hunting for paper files and supports CQC inspections.

  • Dental-specific

    iService is the UK’s only dental-specific asset management platform built for dental professionals by dental professionals with dental-specific features such as a pre-loaded list of assets from leading dentistry brands to make onboarding quicker.

  • Service calendar

    Our service calendar gives you total visibility of assets requiring servicing so you never miss an appointment and can plan your downtimes more cost-efficiently and save on servicing costs, e.g. consolidating multiple visits from the same supplier into one.

  • Practice and Group level reporting

    Our reports enable you to track and analyse spend across an asset, asset type, single practice or group of practices so you can make better informed decisions on future expenditure and use the data for insurance quotes and business valuations.

Benefits of iService

  • Save money. Reduces unplanned and costly downtimes, repairs and replacements.
  • Save time. No more hunting for paper, everything is stored digitally in one place for quick and easy access.
  • Improve financial reporting and planning. Make more informed decisions on future purchases and replacements.
  • Stay safe and compliant. Breeze through CQC inspections and reduce potential health and safety risks.
  • Centralise processes across a practice or group
  • Greater operational efficiency e.g. consolidate engineer call outs into one
  • Stay on top of servicing and repairs
  • More accurate data for insurance and business valuation purposes

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