Decontamination Departments

When it comes to managing a busy hospital department and your essential decontamination processes, you want an all-encompassing service that is there to support you every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience providing specialist products and services to those conducting the decontamination of medical devices and infection control management within a hospital environment, we can support you and your team with an industry trusted service.

Accredited CPD Training Online

Department Subscriptions are available for your whole Team. Subjects cover specific infection control and decontamination processes and procedures, and the Department Manager dashboard providing an overview of Team training.

With courses written by industry experts, and a User-friendly interface for taking and logging CPD, iLearn provides you with a standardised platform for your department training needs.

Online training for healthcare

UKAS Accredited Services

You can trust us with your water microbiological and chemical testing.

We utilise over 20 years of expertise to understand and manage the risk related to water and air quality, forming the foundation of our UKAS Laboratory services and providing both healthcare providers and suppliers with an extremely high quality of service.

We provide specialist support in areas including Sterile Services Departments, Endoscopy, Theatres and Domestic Services.

TQSoft & IPReports

If you are looking for an industry standardised platform for your decontamination process data acquisition and reporting, our validation systems are for you.

TQSoft provides secure data acquisition, with automation for system calibration and a wide range of time saving calculations, such as thermometric data required by decontamination guidance.

IPReports is our industry standard validation test report writing software, providing a minimum amount of time preparing what is known as an industry standard report, instantly recognised by AE(D)’s across the UK. Reports are included for EN, CFPP, NI/CFPP, HTM, WHTM and SHTM.

hospital decontamination systems

Equipment & Consumables

Our data logging and calibration systems can be tailored to your process validation needs.  

Whether it’s a wired or wireless system, scanning speed, stability, or accuracy – we make sure all requirements are catered to you and comply with the relevant standards and guidance documents. A wide range of test kits and consumables are also available for your process validation. 

Our support team are expertly versed in all aspects of standards and guidance and are on hand to advise and support your validation and monitoring requirements. 

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