Packages may change, new ones may be added and packages may be cancelled.

The iComply Application Membership Package

Application Membership Package includes the following benefits:

  • Over 400 templates of policies, procedures, risk assessments, audits, guidelines and contracts
  • Web based Application for use on a tablet or computer
  • Access Websites as may be notified to the Member from time to time, including full functionality of the iComply application
  • A Compliance workflow that leads through reviewing and checking of dental compliance including GDC, NHS, Employment Law, HTM 01-05, MHRA and DoHSC in order to help meet these and other standards such as the RQIA, HIW and CQC
  • Access to the iComply dashboard to delegate tasks and monitor compliance activities and their completion from one or many practices via the Internet
  • Compliance reports for Users to show how they meet the CQC, RQIA, HIW, HIS standards and others
  • An annual quality management cycle, each iComply annual cycle engenders continuous improvement of care and service. iComply is built around a Good Governance framework
  • A helpline providing support to Members during office hours for advice in respect of practice management and compliance
  • Regular compliance and business updates and news
  • Updates through the Websites, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, mailings, and through the iComply dashboard
  • The CODE Buying Group which chooses suppliers with proven products and services. The CODE Buying Group is also known as “Chosen by CODE”
  • Discounts on seminars and training
  • Webinars, YouTube videos and discounts on seminars, online learning, DVDs, seminars and training. There are also savings on consultancy

The Premium HR and Employment Law service as follows:

  • Access to HR modules and templates
  • Key policies and procedures
  • Guidance documents
  • Template letters
  • Staff handbook
  • Employee contracts of employment
  • Self-employed contract agreements
  • One hour’s access to a CODE HR Advisor per year* to use as and when you require (telephone or email support)
  • Access to regular employment law webinars
  • Frequent employment law updates (email newsletter)

*The Premium HR and Employment Service benefits are provided on a per subscription year and cannot be carried over.

The iComply Mobile App

The iComply Mobile App is not included in this package but is available as an addition at a cost to be agreed. The benefits of the iComply Mobile App are as follows:

  • Access to practice handbook
  • Push notifications of due activities and ToDos
  • ToDo completion on the go
  • Upload required evidence when completing scheduled activities
  • Review policies on the go

The iComply Group Functionality

The iComply Group Functionality is not included in this package but is available as an addition at a cost to be agreed. The benefits of the iComply Group Functionality are as follows:

  • Group Functionality dashboard access
  • Group compliance administrator delegation
  • Unique practice insight reporting covering key areas•Inspection prompt reporting and gap analysis including KLOEs
  • Group document management
  • Sub-group practice assignment•Unlimited user access
  • Access to iComply Healthcheck tool for practice on-boarding
  • Dedicated compliance advisor
  • iComply user support and training assets
  • New functionality coming Autumn 2020
  • Be the first to know about upcoming functionality with access to the CODE development roadmap
Agilio Dental HR


  • HR Web application to manage team sickness, absence and holidays
  • Application includes Team member self service features
  • Online HR document file, with unlimited storage
  • PDF version of your staff handbook
  • Key team member policies and procedures
  • Dental specific Employed and self employed associate contract support and advice
  • Guidance documents
  • Template letters
  • Telephone and email access to an iTeam HR Expert during office hours
  • Legal helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Frequent employment law updates (email newsletter)
  • Access to regular HR webinars

*The Total HR and Employment Law benefits are offered on a per subscription year and cannot be carried over.

Note 1: The contracts and the legally complex HR templates are approved by solicitors Rudlings Wakelam and are regularly reviewed and, if necessary, updated to ensure that they are up to date. When CODE completes these templates on behalf of a Total HR Member, it: populates missing provisions (such as pay, percentages charged to the self-employed person and the restricted area) in accordance with the Member’s instructions; and removes clauses and sub-clauses that do not relate to the terms of the role, but otherwise the templates are unchanged. CODE is not qualified to nor does it provide any advice on the suitability of the templates to the Member’s circumstances nor on the amendments to the templates the Member instructs it to make. If a Member wants to change aspects of the templates that are not meant to be changed, it will be necessary to instruct its own solicitor or ask CODE to quote for one of their chosen solicitors.

 Note 2: Agreements and terms and conditions of employment are only created or reviewed once a year per Member. While CODE cannot produce contracts throughout the year as new team members join, it remains important that all new team members enter into an appropriate contract. During the interim period, the Member may use the modified templates already completed by CODE as well as CODE’s standard templates for any new starter provided that, if a Member is in any doubt regarding the use of such templates, it is advised to seek professional help. If requested, CODE will look at contracts prepared by the Member at the next annual review, but any changes to such contracts will require the agreement of both contracting parties and it is therefore important that contracts are correct when entered in to.

Agilio QPS
Quality Practice Scheme (QPS) Membership Package

QPS Membership is awarded to practices that meet the CODE Total Quality Management standards (CODE TQM). The goal of CODE TQM is practice success through patient satisfaction. It is based on participation of the whole team in Continuous Improvement. Subscription to the QPS is only available to subscribers of the iComply Application Membership Package. The additional services provided under the QPS include 3 quarterly compliance monitoring reports per annum, and an annual compliance inspection if the practice is meeting the requirements of their iComply. Members who successfully meet the CODE TQM Standards will be provided with an exclusive Quality Practice Scheme Membership plaque for display, logos for print and logos for social media, emails or websites and a printed certificate. The QPS Membership Package is subject to the further terms and conditions set out in the QPS Terms.

Consultancy Services Packages
  • Compliance Health Check
    The Compliance Health Check is a one-day service to audit the Practice’s compliance and provide an action plan to reach compliance with CQC and other dental regulations and legislation.
  • Total Compliance Setup
    Setup can take from one to seven days depending upon the size of the Practice and the amount of compliance setup required. The CODE Consultant will spend much of this time at your Practice to set up and train the relevant team members on the compliance.
  • CQC Registration Service
    Remote consultancy to help write and submit an application to CQC.
  • HIW Registration Service
    A day of remote consultancy to write and submit an application to HIW.
  • Compliance Due Diligence
    The CODE consultant will spend a day on site, assessing a practice against the regulations, creating an action plan and advising whether it is likely to pass an inspection.
  • iComply Training (online)
    The CODE consultant will spend up to 2 hours providing training on the iComply system.
  • HR In-Practice Support
    For a major HR event, personal support by an HR consultant. In-practice HR Consultancy Support for case management/settlement agreements/TUPE/organisational management.
  • Ad-hoc Consultancy
    You can purchase Consultancy Services for any required assistance, including practice meetings, discipline and training.