The SecuriLOG is an innovative data logging device designed to replace the paper printer on your steriliser, washer disinfector or ultrasonic cleaner, saving you time and money!

The SecuriLOG is an RS232 ASCII data logging device, designed to replace an EPOS style printer.

The data that would normally print onto a receipt type printout is instead logged onto a memory card.

The data is stored in an archive format which enables the user to identify the time that the data was captured for analysis.

SecuriLOG can be used as a standalone logger set to continuously log into a single data file or can be configured to create separate logged data files according to user requirements, such as a file for each independent cycle.


SecuriLOG features several fully user customisable options:

  • User controllable RS232 parameters
  • Programmable file header label for identification.
  • Audio control.
  • Text search (Pass and Fail indication).
  • 10+ year Battery backed Real Time Clock.
  • Data Encryption.
  • Programmable log file.
  • Power can be combined with data or separate PSU (for single lead connection).
  • LED status indication.
  • Low power and wide operating voltage.

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SecuriLOG has default configuration data stored in its internal memory but customisation can be performed by one of two methods:

  • An application program can be used for configuring the unit. This is ideal if multiple units are to be batch customised.
  • A configuration file can be saved onto the memory card. Simply insert the card, power up the unit, and the device is configured.

LED Status Indications

If your process provides local status indications such as cycle complete or cycle fail, SecuriLOG can recognise these and present them to the User.

LED or audible status conditions or alerts can be configured, ensuring that important process information is not missed, for example:

  • A constant green LED indicates that the Securilog is ready to receive your data.
  • An amber LED indicates that the Securilog is receiving your process data and recording it on the memory card.
  • A flashing green LED indicates that the previous cycle has passed and the Securilog is waiting for the next cycle to start.*
  • A flashing red LED indicates that the previous cycle has failed and the Securilog is waiting for the next cycle to start.*
* Pass or Fail indication is available if the machine itself can determine the cycle result and inform Securilog

Data Encryption

Securilog provides you with Data Encryption when writing to the memory card, preventing any modification of data.

Many other data loggers store data in text files or other editable formats.

With Securilog you are safe in the knowledge that encrypted, tamper proof evidence is being gathered to protect your data.

The data can be uploaded into the accompanying software package which presents the information as it would be viewed if reading from an actual printed receipt.

Data Viewing & Archiving

Reviewing your data and archiving it is easy with Securilog.

Securilog software sorts out the collected data for you, allow you to quickly analyse the digital receipts for specific information. You can even present the data to an auditor on screen as it would have been printed out on a printer.

File Name – Created from the machine model and serial number.
Encrypted – Indicates YES or NO whether the data is encrypted.
Date & Time – Shows the date and time of the cycle.
Cycle – Shows the process cycle number.
Result – Indicates whether the cycle has passed or failed.
Message – Shows any message from the cycle such as errors and statements.
Viewer – Shows a digital copy of the cycle receipt on screen.

Device Specifications

The below dropdowns outline the specifications for both types of SecuriLOGs provided by Isopharm

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