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    The team gains the recognition they deserve for hard work and dedication through the Agilio Quality Practice Scheme. Membership demonstrates that your practice is striving for continuous improvement in patient care, safety and service.

Benefits of membership

Membership of the QPS results in many benefits for your practice, both internally in terms of improved quality standards, and externally in terms of the awards and promotional material to share with your existing and new patients.



Membership includes

  • One practice inspection per year. Note that the cost of the annual compliance inspection alone would usually be £749
  • Quarterly remote compliance monitoring by Agilio with a letter to the principal and administrator explaining how the practice is doing and any necessary actions
  • QPS Membership Plaque for the practice upon achievement of membership
  • QPS Certificate for your reception area upon achievement of membership
  • 200 QPS patient brochures
  • If you have not completed your first cycle in iComply, you will be provided with a certificate ‘Committed to Quality in Practice working towards the QPS Membership’

About the scheme

  • QPS subscription is open to iComply members. iComply is the complete compliance application, providing you with all the tasks, templates and automatically updated regulations to take the headache out of compliance. Please visit to find out more.
  • When you’ve completed a full cycle of iComply - which usually takes a year - you will qualify to apply for QPS membership. You will then be certified by an Agilio consultant against the Agilio Total Quality Management standards.
  • Agilio provides a 9 to 5 compliance helpline plus you also benefit from quarterly monitoring to check that the team is keeping on track with their iComply activities. This helps you to stay up to date, ready for a CQC/HIW/HIS/RQIA inspection or your next QPS certification.
  • When you meet the Standards you are awarded with QPS Membership and are presented with a wall plaque, certificate and press pack. You will also be supplied with a kit of QPS logos to show your qualification on your stationery, emails and website.


  • iComply saves you time and money on compliance, whilst telling you what to do and how do do it. With the QPS, Agilio monitors that your team are following the iComply workflow properly and staying on track. When you are awarded QPS membership, there is recognition of your team’s hard work and their commitment to quality, safety, patient care and continuous improvement.
  • QPS certification is based on checking that the iComply activities have been carried out properly. This actually saves the practice owner and manager extra work, because Agilio is checking for you by quarterly monitoring and the annual inspection. This can also save the time consuming stress of catching up if compliance falls behind.
  • iComply compliance reports provide evidence that compliance activities have been completed , which enables Agilio to monitor and inspect very thoroughly. This isn’t currently possible in a practice without the control and insight iComply provides.
  • Agilio TQM is a practice-wide approach of continuous improvement in standards of care, safety and service to patients. Its primary goal is patient satisfaction. By completing all the activities in iComply as described, you should meet the TQM standards at inspection and be awarded QPS Membership. You can find the standards on the Agilio website.
  • If you don’t meet the standards at the inspection, you will be given an action list and one month to complete the outstanding actions and provide evidence. Following this period, additional evidence will be requested.
  • In a survey of the year to March 2016, only 80% of dental practices passed their CQC inspection without a breach, yet in the same period 96% of iComply Application practices passed without a breach. The one iComply practice who had a breach, did to because it had not fully implemented one iComply employment policy. Also, QPS certification happens at one point in time and an inspection such as CQC will happen at another, plus different inspectors may have different opinions.
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