All frontline dental workers (April 2022)
On 9th November the Government announced that in the spring, health and social care workers in England, including volunteers who have face to face contact with service users, will need to provide evidence they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be “deployed”. The regulations will apply to health and social care workers who have direct, face-to-face contact with people while providing care, including dental staff. The regulations will also apply to ancillary staff such as porters or receptionists who may have social contact with patients but are not directly involved in their care. The regulations will apply across the CQC-regulated health and social care sector and will therefore apply to both private and NHS practices.

There will be exemptions to this mandate which will likely be for those who are medically unable to have the vaccine. Further details on these exemptions and how these regulations will work in practice will be announced by the government in due course. Agilio will update members on steps they should be taking once this is clearer.

All dental workers visiting care homes
As of 11th November, all dental workers visiting care homes must be fully vaccinated or exempt from vaccination. If you perform domiciliary care, you can refer to COVID-19 SOP Introduction (including policy statements) (C 202) for a template procedure.

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