How to use TeamNet’s ‘Who Is On Site’ Module: Making Paper Records A Thing Of The Past



Primary Care


Paper records have played a prominent part in GP practices for as long as we can remember and are still being used today to confirm who is on the premises at any given time. However, this process can lead to mistakes with these records being difficult to read, store, and manage.

That’s why we decided to create a TeamNet module called ‘Who Is On Site’.

As the use and familiarity of QR Codes has increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe this is the perfect time for GP practices to implement a contact-free, electronic check in and out register.

Our ‘Who Is On Site’ module has been designed to replace physical registers usually managed by the reception team, using this user-friendly, contact-free method. Incorporating the use of QR codes, both TeamNet users and visitors can successfully check in and out by simply using their smartphone.

This new method provides the practice management with an instant, up-to-date summary of everyone who is in and has left the premises. Not only does this help with contact tracing or when a hazard or risk had been identified, but also provides organised and accessible data for audit and compliance purposes.

One of the key benefits of our new module is the immediate accessibility of all the data live through your Teamnet portal. As soon as a user or visitor checks in or out, the module updates to reflect an accurate summary of everyone on the premises and those who have left.

We have had some great feedback from Teamnet users, who have told us that the ‘Who Is On Site’ solution has helped ease daily workload pressures.

To find out more about what Clarity TeamNet has to offer, visit: TeamNet – Web-based Sharing & Compliance Platform for Primary Care – Clarity Informatics

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