The Best HR Software for Healthcare Practices

With HR software, your people data can be stored in one secure place, and can be used to easily manage absences, learning and development, career progress, performance reviews, and payroll.


HR software systems enable healthcare practices to streamline tasks and administration related to attracting, retaining, and effectively managing employees and staff within a practice. The use of these systems improves productivity and time efficiency by eliminating time-consuming administration and allowing employees to better focus on other tasks. With HR software, your people data can be stored in one secure place, and can be used to easily manage absences, learning and development, career progress, performance reviews, and payroll.

Finding the best HR software system for your specific healthcare practice is not always easy – there are many factors to consider when making the decision to transition to a new system, such as the size of your organisation, costs, and the specific features required by your practice.

HR software for GP Practices and Surgeries

When managing one or more GP practices, the amount of time needed to manage your employees and all the back-office processes can be significant. That is why TeamNet is designed with primary care in mind – helping to simplify your CQC compliance, manage your workforce rota, and overall keep your practices running smoothly. It is therefore no wonder that it is trusted by 67% of GP practices across England. 

Efficient rota functionality built specially for primary care teams

From holidays and absences to staff training HR checks and scheduling, TeamNet offers a range of effective management tools to help manage your workforce with ease. With a built-in absence management tool that allow your staff to apply for vacant sessions, you can be rest assured that you are on top of everything going on within your practice and find cover when you need it. 

Effectively co-ordinate and oversee employee leave requests with the absence calendar and use this information to make a decision on employee leave. 

HR software for Dental Practices

Agilio’s iTeam is designed by dental professionals for dental practices and offers comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools to help organise your staff and save time on time-consuming admin. Our software is complemented by access to our dedicated dental HR and employment law advice team.

Personal HR support and guidance

When it comes to running a busy dental team, it can be hard to know where to turn when it comes to HR advice, and making the wrong choice could be costly. With iTeam Dental, you have access to HR advice including employee relations, disciplinary and grievance, dental-specific contract reviews and TUPE.

Rota and attendance 

iTeam Dental also establishes a transparent rota structure for the whole 12 months, rather than monthly iterations. You can then generate team timesheets and attendance reports with the click of a button.

iTeam’s leave calendar accommodates both employed and self-employed team members – perfect for your dental practice. By having all your employees’ holidays in one place, you can keep on track of annual leave in one easy place. Your practice staff can request or book in leave, and controllers can action requests instantly.

Easy clocking in and out functionality 

The system offers a web-based clicking-in portal, which makes it simple and easy for your practice staff to clock in and out. By using the QR code and recording photos for each staff member who clocks in and out, you will always know who is in your practice. Attendance data is tracked instantly, and lunch breaks can be automated for employees, so you can avoid constant manual scheduling. 

Absence management

The iTeam system additionally features an integrated leave management tool and allows for absences such as sickness or parental leave to be recorded and requested. For a practice, this means you can keep on top of what staff are available and if there are enough employees for the workload for each day. 

Secure document storage

For securing documents, iTeam allows you to centralise your dental practice’s HR files securely and find what you need quickly and efficiently. You can upload personal files, get notifications when files expire, share staff handbooks across teams, and limit who can see certain stored documents. 

Other healthcare practices

For other healthcare practices, such as Care homes, Physios and Opticians, myhrtoolkit features a wide range of tools to help streamline staff management and HR administration.


Myhrtoolkit’s holiday planner makes approving and rejecting holiday requests quick and seamless. Staff can request time off, which can then be actioned by their respective manager(s).  No more spreadsheets, leftover leave, or complex calculations; myhrtoolkit automates holiday calculations for you, so whether you have full time, part-time, or variable hours staff, the system will calculate these for you automatically.


As well as holidays, myhrtoolkit also has an Absence Management tool to record, monitor and track absences such as sickness, compassionate leave, or parental leave. This allows managers to observe and identify potential patterns in an employee’s absence history and generates reports for you instantly.

Performance management

Myhrtoolkit benefits healthcare practices by offering flexible performance management tools which help monitor, engage, and develop employees. As an employer, you can create and schedule performance review meetings with your staff via the portal, as well as record notes from these meetings on the employee’s file. As a result, you can build a history of employee performance over time and identify any training or objectives required for your employee to develop.

Secure document storage 

By using the secure document feature, you can also issue documents to employees either individually, to a group, or across the entire practice. It also allows you to track who has opened each document and read the information, ensuring that your employees have properly received and understood them. 


Our built-in training section also allows administrators to upload, save, and securely store staff training courses and qualifications. This means businesses can be rest assured that everything they need to monitor their employees’ training is in one accessible place.


Myhrtoolkit is ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining the best data security standards in the design, development, and implementation of cloud-based HR software for our customers.

Agilio & MyHrtoolkit

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