No more sleepless nights stressing about compliance

Agilio Software explains how it is helping small and medium-sized practices remain compliant at a fraction of the cost.

As featured in December 2022


Practice managers across the country are finding themselves in a difficult predicament, trying to juggle the recruitment crisis, the backlog of appointments from the pandemic, staying on top of their compliance, all while trying to grow their business. 

For many, this situation is forcing them to choose to either give up their valuable free time or fall behind on some of their compliance, with neither being a desirable solution. 

Hiring a full-time compliance manager in order to catch up and stay on top is often not a viable option for independent practices, and neither is an independent consultant, which comes with expensive fees. 

Leading in the field of dental compliance for many years, the team at Agilio Software was keen to support its iComply members running small to medium-sized practices with a reliable and credible service that would allow them to fully outsource their compliance needs at a fraction of the cost of independent consultancy, and that’s how iManage was born. 

What services does Imanage provide that will benefit my practice? 

The pandemic transformed how people work and run their businesses, including dental practices.

It became clear that certain roles and responsibilities don’t necessarily need a physical presence in the practice and could be managed remotely.

Leading the market with the iComply platform, Agilio was aware of the challenges small to medium-sized practices faced to keep on top of their compliance and with most of the practices now set up for remote working, the team could see the opportunity to provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for its iComply members. 

iManage is a complementary service to Agilio’s ever-popular iComply solution that saves users over 100 hours per year of compliance management by offering members access to their own dedicated compliance expert, who will review policies and procedures, check risk assessments, logs, and audits for accuracy, prep monthly reports, and host regular meetings to ensure everything is on track compliance-wise.

Time and resources

Once the service was introduced to the market, many iComply members immediately saw the huge benefits it could bring to their practice, removing the headache of compliance once and for all. 

Investing in iManage, they would not only save a significant amount of time and resources, but also know their compliance was looked after by experts in the business and gain peace of mind. 

This led the product to exceed all its initial targets for new members, allowing Agilio to invest further and expand the offerings and services provided within iManage.

Beyond the initial figures, the response from iManage customers has been overwhelmingly positive, calling iManage an essential asset for successfully running their practices.  

Julia Powell, practice manager for The Dental Surgery Burnham said: ‘Having been a member of iComply for many years, we signed up for iManage straight away, as it gives us peace of mind that our compliance is being extremely well looked after. 

‘The iManage team is an expert in dental compliance, helpful, and supportive and the advice is invaluable, the monthly reporting leaves us feeling reassured our compliance is being managed by experienced professionals.

‘I cannot recommend this service highly enough, a big thank you to the team at iManage for all the help and support.’

The future of Imanage 

The rapid success of iManage has shown that there is a demand and need for outsourced compliance management solutions.

Agilio is on a mission to continue expanding its offerings such as iManage to support dental businesses, big or small, with technology and the personal touch to make their lives easier.  

If you’d like to know more about how iManage can help you and your practice, book a consultation.

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