Online Training for Healthcare Practices and SMEs

This is your guide to Agilio Software’s new online training platform, iLearn. Read on to learn about our e-learning offerings for dental practices, hospitals, primary care practices, and small to medium-sized businesses. Learn about the courses available on iLearn for your respective type of practice, as well as the benefits of each.


The Importance of Online Training

Continuous development of skills and knowledge is crucial as an individual and as a wider healthcare practice. Striving to keep learning and training is key in remaining compliant and ensuring staff knowledge is up to date. 

The use of the internet for training purposes has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. One of the main benefits of online training is the undeniable efficiency and convenience that it brings to any practice that uses it. People can do their own training at their own pace; starting, pausing, revisiting, and completing courses however they wish. 

For the employer, online training enables simple monitoring of learning, meaning that managers can oversee their employees’ training progress. They may also be able to assign certain courses to certain employees, as well as see their test results and certificates in a centralised location.

Introduction to iLearn – Our Online Training Platform for Healthcare Practices 

iLearn is Agilio’s suite of online training platforms with tailored solutions for Dental Practices, Hospitals, Primary Care Practices, and other types of healthcare practice. 

Each e-training platform allows users to monitor staff progress within their healthcare practice and ensure everyone’s on track to complete their Enhanced CPD learning and other mandatory training that may be required within each respective industry. All courses are online and have been written and reviewed by industry experts and professionals.  

With a growing community of over 75,000 subscribers, Agilio iLearn is the UK’s largest online training provider for healthcare.

But with four different platforms to choose from, which iLearn solution is best suited for your practice?

iLearn – Online Training for Dental Practices  

iLearn (formerly Isopharm) has been the online training platform of choice for dentistry for over 40 years. All the training courses on iLearn are authored by experts and provide dentists and dental care professionals with everything they need to comply with Enhanced CPD from the GDC. Over 65,000 iLearn members from 2,000+ practices complete 60,000 courses every month. 

One of the many great benefits of Agilio iLearn is that users can get their very own CPD tracker, which allows them to see how many hours they’ve completed, as well as automatically showing their transition from the old CPD scheme to ECPD.

Furthermore, this intuitive e-platform provides a high-quality learning experience by adding engaging video content to many of the courses to emphasise key messages and keep the learning experience enjoyable.

Users will also benefit from managing their own GDC CPD cycle report as they can upload external certificates and add reflective learning to external courses which is then automatically logged in their training records.

iLearn for Dental Practices – Courses 

Over 230 up-to-date and video-rich courses are available to dental professionals. The courses are split into various categories including:

This category includes 39 courses on a number of dental procedures, including Forensic Dentistry, Implant and Implant Planning, Surgical Skills, 3D Implant Planning and Guided Implant Placement, plus a whole lot more.

There are some crucial courses on Health and Safety too, which range from Dental Water Hygiene, to Fire Marshal Education, to Workplace Disability Awareness.

This category has courses to contribute to CPD on Environmental Maintenance and Cleaning, Essential Microbiology, Personal Protective Equipment, and much more. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of courses spanning other categories too, including training on GDPR, First Aid, Legal and Ethical Codes, and also Covid-19 Awareness.

Find out more about iLearn for Dental practices.

iLearn – Online Training for Decontamination Departments in Hospitals

The Hospital iLearn training platform provides much needed accredited CPD courses for staff working in Sterile Services and Endoscope Decontamination, and refresher courses for Validation Engineering. 

All courses are written and peer reviewed by experienced professionals within healthcare decontamination. The selection of courses available on iLearn is expansive, with a vast range of topics and categories to explore, and new courses are added monthly.

The courses are bite sized to allow staff to complete the courses within their working week, and the platform can provide department manager level access to oversee their staff’s progress and training records. They can also request their staff to complete certain courses that are most relevant to their role.

Training has been created for Technician level to ensure all staff in the department have the same background knowledge of the processes and have a clear understanding of why we complete these processes in a specific way. 

Courses cover all decontamination processes in EDUs and SSDs, also providing supportive courses covering many topics such as Microbiology, and areas of Health & Safety including COSHH and Quality Systems.

Courses cover all of the decontamination process of medical devices, including the Receipt of items into the wash area, Cleaning Processes, Tray Assembly & Supplementary Items, Methods of Sterilisation, and many more. 

Courses covering endoscope decontamination consist of Testing and Validation, Anatomy of an Endoscope, Cleaning and Disinfection of Endoscopes, and several more. 

This covers Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment, and Chemical Spillages, plus much more. 

Refresher courses including content on Thermocouples and Validation and Methods of Sterilisation. Other Validation Engineer courses are available for data reporting and water testing. 

Delve further into iLearn for Hospitals

iLearn – Online Training for Primary Care 

iLearn provides those working in Primary Care access to quality clinical e-learning and mandatory training courses, guiding users to CPD and helping to ensure fitness to practice. Courses are written by the NICE CKS authoring team and primary care experts with over 100 years of combined clinical experience.

To keep on top of new regulations and clinical guidance, courses are updated monthly as well as a review of existing modules, so practices and clinicians can be assured that content from Agilio iLearn will always be relevant and up to date.

This online training platform uses the latest technology to ensure the user experience is engaging and informative; the courses also include quizzes at the end, as well as access to additional resources to further their learning, such as case studies.

iLearn can be integrated with Agilio’s TeamNet and Clarity software products, enabling users to access and log their learning from one place, and managers can track staff progress and report on training compliance when needed.

The clinical iLearn content is designed for all clinicians working in Primary or First Contact Care, including GPs, Nurses, First Contact Practitioners and Pharmacists. Mandatory Training courses have been designed for all GP practice staff, to ensure CQC compliance.

iLearn for Primary Care Practices – Courses 

iLearn for Primary Care features two libraries: clinical CPD and mandatory training for compliance.

Within the Clinical section, there are over 2 dozen categories (with hundreds of courses altogether) on a vast variety of subjects, including Mental Health, Dermatology, Pregnancy and Teratology, and Non-Clinical Education. Each category contains high-quality courses that contribute towards continuous professional development; the Dermatology category, for example, includes 57 courses from Acne Vulgaris to Warts and Verrucae Diagnosis and Management. Formats for courses range from live masterclass webinars, bite-sized video updates and CPD modules to suit all learning styles and designed to fit around a busy schedule. Subscriptions to iLearn for Primary Care clinicians range from Silver to Platinum, depending on the level of course content needed. 

This section has a whole host of courses on all sorts of topics from Absence Management, to Clinical Audit, to Medical Statistics. Access to the statutory and mandatory library is available through the add-on module, iLearn for TeamNet, so that GP Practice staff can access and manage training all from one place. 

Learn more about iLearn for Primary Care practices.

ilearn sme online training for small to medium-sized business

iLearn SME is Agilio’s online training platform tailored to small to medium-sized businesses, helping them to complete their business-critical training in a smooth and effective way. As of now, there are almost 50 courses available on the e-platform, but the course list is regularly updated with new courses written by a team of industry experts.  

Courses cover business-critical training to guide the user’s business to compliance and key topics include Conflict Resolution, Equality and Diversity, and Cybersecurity. View all of our courses and see which are most relevant for your business. 

Each course comes with an assessment to check understanding, and each employee account allows the storage of training certificates, whether earned through iLearn itself or externally. The coursebooks are detailed and full of valuable content on key SME practices and procedures, offering vital training to ensure the knowledge and skills of employees remain up to date. 

For managers, you have access to an admin dashboard which provides an overview of team training and course progression, allowing you to keep track and chase any outstanding training requirements within your business.  

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iLearn will simplify your training, helping you achieve compliance and keep on top of your staff’s ongoing development by providing somewhere to complete and monitor all training in one convenient place.