How three group compliance managers stay on top of their CQC requirements

This article featured in Dentistry, September 2022


‘It’s just effortless’ – three Agilio customers discuss how using the iComply Nextgen solution has been a game changer for managing their CQC requirements.

Managing compliance across a growing corporate group can undoubtedly be a headache with recent acquisitions needing to be brought up to standard, practice managers with varying experience, and sites at different levels of compliance.

Letting compliance slip can cause real issues if not addressed soon enough; from additional pressure on you and your team to meeting regulatory requirements on time – to an unexpected CQC inspection which, in the worst scenario, could result in a temporary practice closure and a significant PR hit.

Luckily, technology is available that can provide invaluable support.

Earlier in 2022, leading software solutions provider, Agilio Software, launched their new and improved iComply Nextgen solution.

Designed to prioritise compliance tasks based on their importance, iComply Nextgen helps practices maximise efficiency while giving group compliance managers visibility of which practices need their attention and board members peace of mind that critical risks are being managed.

With more than 20,000 dental professionals currently using the iComply Nextgen system, we asked three Agilio customers to share their experience and explain the biggest benefit of using it in their organisation.

Biggest benefits of iComply

1. Easy access to a simple overview of compliance at the touch of a button
Managing compliance for 35 dental practices, Karen Haresnape from Riverdale Healthcare found herself spending a significant amount of time travelling around practices and relying on practice managers and staff to know exactly where their compliance documentation was located at all times.

She looked for a reliable compliance partner who could provide an easy-to-navigate, yet robust compliance management solution to simplify and streamline Riverdale’s processes, without compromising the quality of service and care.

With Agilio’s emphasis on keeping policies and protocols up to date and its recent investment in developing the new prioritisation feature for iComply NextGen, Karen decided to introduce the software across all her practices and hasn’t looked back since.

The ability to instantly access and oversee the status of all compliance has been a game changer for Karen, and the peace of mind that iComply NextGen has provided is invaluable.

2. Effortless software saving hours of staff time
Like Karen, Heather Finkle, Gensmile’s compliance manager, was spending a significant amount of her time visiting each of the organisation’s 27 practices to work through individual documents and paperwork, making it difficult to keep track of everything.

Implementing iComply NextGen has made a huge difference in the way Gensmile now manages its compliance. Everything the practice might need for staying compliant is now readily available to be downloaded, edited, and sent out to staff and e-signed when read, saving Heather’s team hours that can be put towards other important tasks.

The introduction of iComply has transformed Heather’s way of working, making it so much easier to manage all the necessary documents and ensuring that practice managers can concentrate on other aspects of their roles.

3. A team of experts on hand when you need them
Before using iComply, Jurgita Baublyte, compliance manager for Angle House Dental Practices, found her compliance process confusing, as managers from each practice were recording information on multiple spreadsheets.

Since introducing iComply, Jurgita and her team have found it easy to use, completely taking away the headache of organising compliance and leaving them in the best position for any upcoming or unexpected CQC inspections.

Transitioning from traditional paper-based compliance management to a fully digital form wouldn’t have been a simple task for Jurgita without the Agilio team to help her navigate the whole process and provide ongoing support.

From day one, Agilio was training and supporting her staff with the system and offering reassurance that they were heading in the right direction. Jurgita feels that access to Agilio’s team of experts, who were ready to help at any time, was one of the biggest benefits of choosing iComply.

This article was featured in Dentistry.

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