Are Your Dental Assets Costing You Money?

Top Tips to Save Unnecessary Costs of Poor Asset Management

By Cliff Traill, Head of Product (Dental)


Cliff Traill,
Head of Product (Dental)

The hectic pace of day-to-day activity in a Dental practice can mean that the processes of managing surgical, operational, and building equipment are easily overlooked by a busy team who are concentrating on delivering patient care. 

However, failing to manage the servicing and upkeep of these assets can lead to costly consequences such as unexpected downtime and expensive urgent service callouts and frustration both for patients and your own team, as well as increasing potential risks to safety or breaches of compliance.

And how do you plan for future expenditure if you don’t exactly know what you have today?

In this article, I wanted to address the challenges of Asset Management and share the top tips to tackle them and save you valuable time and money.

The Challenges of Dental Asset Management

It seems increasingly common that dental practice managers and owners are acutely aware of the costs associated with purchasing equipment, only to find themselves falling behind on their asset management as more and more dental equipment is purchased and their ability to efficiently and effectively track their assets diminishes.

Many practices tend towards an asset management model that is dismally insufficient for the needs of their staff and patients, only reluctantly servicing equipment when it really needs it.

This is obviously far from optimal and can result in problems that can be easily avoided by taking a more business-focused approach.

What practices can do differently

Currently, practices approach their asset management in various ways, meaning there is rarely cohesion and integration with their inventory systems or their billing and accounts departments.

However, without a system to manage their assets, practices can run into difficulties in long-term planning, unreliable equipment, and spending capital on the wrong equipment at the wrong times. One solution to this predicament, as practices across the UK are now discovering, is the digital asset management platform iService.

The latest addition to Agilio’s rapidly growing product portfolio, iService, is the UK’s first dental-specific application that revolutionises how practices manage their fixed assets, from onboarding to fault reporting. servicing, forward planning and financial forecasting.

Top 3 Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

Manage Your Assets With Ease

Agilio has a long-standing history of providing market-leading software and back-office support to help dental practices stay compliant through iComply, train their staff with iLearn and ProDental CPD, streamline their HR with iTeam, and now, in its latest offering iService, manage their assets.

Dental practices and dental groups alike stand to benefit from considerable cost savings, increased time efficiencies and reduced exposure to asset breakdown risk with Agilio’s iService. This intelligent, easy-to-use platform handles everything you need to give you peace of mind and make your assets work for you.

To find out how iService can transform your business, book a demo today.

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