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Adopting a Flexible Pools Solution | Agilio Software

As an industry, we’re navigating a staffing crisis that is starting to affect patient outcomes across primary care, and impacting workloads of existing staff across the primary care workforce.

With widespread staff shortages and staff burnout, the crisis is now threatening the quality of care that is being provided to patients. Self-employed healthcare professionals like locum GPs can help relieve some of those pressures, but Practice Managers are finding it difficult to source trusted, reliable staff even when expensive locum agencies are available.

In light of this,  we’re integrating MLM’s flexible staff pools with TeamNet,  the final piece of the puzzle to offer a complete workforce solution to PCNS and practices. With all the data and tools in one place to source, book, rota staff, and tick all the compliance boxes, TeamNet + MLM is designed to alleviate the increasing challenges faced in our industry.

A Streamlined, holistic Staffing Process

Filling in gaps in your work schedule can prove harder than it needs to be. Pulling information from different platforms, responding to emails from different sources, ensuring the necessary verification and compliance checks are in place, and arranging payments can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Traditional locum platforms may make some of this process easier, but they come at a cost and often incentivise staff to travel further afield for work.

Through the TeamNet + MLM flexible pools solution,  you can access more than just locum GPs, but create an entire network of healthcare professionals from your local workforce to help suit your needs. From permanent, salaried, and portfolio staff already on your team, to Additional Roles employed by the PCN, to self-employed individuals across all roles, you can widen the size of your staff pool giving you more options when it comes to sourcing cover.

Handling Everything in One Place

Bringing on additional staff is more than just booking them in for your practice, you must ensure all of the right paperwork, HR credentials, and compliance requirements are in order to make sure they’re fit to work in your practice.

TeamNet + MLM provides more than just a flexible staffing pool, it is linked with TeamNet’s existing HR and workforce software, pulling through all the relevant documentation of that member of staff you need, so your practice manager can save precious time and be prepared if a CQC inspection is required.

Your Network of Trusted, Reliable Professionals

You want to know that the staff coming into your practice are people you can continue to rely on and can build a relationship with staff and patients. Our platform allows you to build custom communities with reliable healthcare professionals, helping to create a pool of staff from your local workforce that you know you can trust when you need them. And because these healthcare professionals feel supported through MLM’s comprehensive self-employment offering, they are happier to work flexibly with you and be part of your community.

A Complete Workforce Solution

There’s no longer a need to work across multiple platforms and agencies each day, TeamNet + MLM is delivered through a single platform, providing you with a complete HR and workforce solution, and a holistic view of your workforce

We enable you to set up your staff pools with ease, ensuring you can source, schedule, and book the staff you need across your entire workforce, reassured that all the paperwork and admin is taken care of, so you can focus on the things that matter – providing the best care for your patients. 

Find out more about our complete workforce solution and come visit our stands at the EMIS National User Group conference in York on June 24th and June 29th – July 1st respectively.




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