Agilio Software Primary Care Expands Medical Education Offering with Update to iLearn Software



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Agilio Software Primary Care Expands Medical Education Offering with Update to iLearn Software

We are delighted to announce we are expanding our medical education offering for Agilio Primary Care users, with the launch of a major update to our e-learning software, iLearn.

The new version of iLearn will now offer over 230 hours of clinical learning for healthcare professionals working across primary care, with all content written by the experts who author the Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) for NICE.

The new iLearn offering will include be a more diversified content library, involving videos, webinars, and masterclasses with expert presenters on specialist topics including pregnancy, liver disease, and liver abnormality, as well as a as Biannual Round-Up – perfect for busy clinicians who want to learn what’s new and what’s changed over the past six months.

All our content will be delivered in a variety of ways to suit every learner’s needs, from bitesize learning on the go, to in-depth studies in specialist areas. iLearn will also become more integrated with our Clarity Appraisal software, making the recording of your CPD even easier.

As with our current iLearn solution, topics and courses will continue to be added and updated every month, as well as user-suggested content to make sure what we provide is always up-to-date and relevant to you.

David Taylor, Managing Director of Agilio Primary Care said: “We are very pleased to be rolling out our newly enhanced iLearn software, making clinical learning more exciting, interesting, and efficient for all healthcare professionals working across primary care.  

“We are committed to investing in our technology and knowledge to ensure our software always helps healthcare professionals save time so they can deliver the best possible care.”

Want to know more about what the enhanced iLearn software can offer to your learning? Why not try one of our learning courses for free by clicking here.