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Leading Dental Technology Solution Provider Offers First-of-its-Kind Compliance


Dental technology leader, Agilio Software, has launched iManage, a first-of-its-kind outsourced compliance management solution that supports independent practices and small practice groups to manage their compliance in an efficient and affordable way, freeing up time to focus on patient care and other business priorities.

Having established its iComply software as the market-leading dental compliance management system for the past 10 years, Agilio Software has further expanded its offering with the launch of iManage. The new compliance management service will combine Agilio’s cutting-edge technology with the organisation’s experience and knowledge, keeping practices up-to-date with the latest compliance developments and releasing time for practice managers to focus on growing their businesses. 

To compliment iComply, iManage offers remote access to a dedicated compliance expert, reviewing policies and procedures, checking logs and audits for accuracy, preparing monthly reports, and hosting regular meetings to ensure tasks are being completed with competence. This combination of software alongside human insight and expertise is a first-of-its-kind for the dental profession. iManage is perfect for practices without a dedicated manager; business focused practices; or those struggling for time to manage their own compliance. It aims to relieve the growing pressures on practices caused by the pandemic and recruitment crisis.

The service has been developed to save each user over 100 hours every year at a rate significantly lower than the industry average for hiring a compliance manager or consultant. This ensures that smaller independent practices and groups will have the opportunity to save time usually spent on managing compliance and instead develop their business. 

Alex O'Neill Head of Compliance and Customer Success
Alex O’Neill, Head of Customer Success

Alex O’Neill, Head of Customer Success at Agilio Software, said: “For many years, our members have been asking us to do their compliance for them, and now we have the expertise and technology to provide a cost and time-effective outsourced management service that does the vast majority of the work. 

“This is the first and only service of its kind, offering business-minded practices the opportunity to expand and meet their ambitions when resources are already stretched. How many new patients could practices acquire if they didn’t have to do their own compliance and how much revenue would that bring to their top line from this relatively low investment?”




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