Agilio Primary Care Announces Acquisition of Staff Management Tool My Locum Manger


Primary Care


We are delighted to announce a new addition to Agilio Primary Care, with the acquisition of the flexible working platform – My Locum Manager (MCM).

My Locum Manager (MLM), founded by two GPs, Dr Matthew Beddoe and Dr Surina Chibber who, having worked in General Practice, were acutely aware of the workforce challenges facing the NHS. Together, they developed a comprehensive solution that helps communities of practices build relationships with self-employed GPs who want to work with flexibility. Through hard work and innovation, MLM has created a network of locum healthcare professionals, helping to cover vacant shifts and save GPs and Practice Managers time by automating key associated administrative tasks.

The acquisition and integration with our own workforce management system, Agilio TeamNet, will support our wider goal of offer comprehensive technology solutions for running healthcare institutions including holistic workforce management solutions to GP Practices, Primary Care Networks, and Integrated Care Systems.

Agilio Primary Care Managing Director, David Taylor said: “We’re delighted to welcome My Locum Manager as part of our unique end-to-end offering to users and help them to save time and money.

“This acquisition is part of our plan to continue to invest in creating more powerful solutions for Primary Care so that practices can be supported in dealing with the enormous pressures in the sector.”

My Locum Manager Co-Founder, Dr Surina Chibber commented: “I am absolutely delighted to be working with Agilio Primary Care and to come together to create a totally holistic solution for GPs and Practices to fill vacancies easier without the attached expenses of an agency.

“Having been a self-employed practitioner for a number of years, I know the problems that can come from agency work and having a lack of access to what you need in the practices you work across. MLM has helped to solve those problems, and as we go forward under Agilio Primary Care, we hope to continue to make the life of the self-employed practitioner and Practices as easy as possible.” 

Agilio Software CEO, Neil Laycock said: “We’re delighted to welcome My Locum Manager into the Agilio family and to see our Primary Care division continue to strengthen their offering to users and to the industry overall.

“Since creating Agilio Primary Care, our expert team has been working on strengthening our service by addressing the problems GPs and Practices face on a daily basis – and the addition of MLM will be another touchpoint in our continued commitment to providing the best technology available to users.”

You can learn more about MLM by clicking here, or you can speak to our team on 0191 287 5800 or by filling out our online contact form.