ISO 27001 Certification

11th July 2023

Agilio Software retains ISO 27001 certification for another year

We are extremely happy to announce that after a successful audit, we’ve had our ISO 27001 certification renewed for another year.

This was a significant audit as our certification scope now covers the development, maintenance, and hosting of software solutions for the Agilio Software group of companies that are managed by our engineering team in the UK.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard that specifies the requirements and best practices for how an organisation should manage information security, underpinning key aspects such as risk management, data handling, and business continuity planning.

This is important for our customers as it shows that we have established a comprehensive security management programme and following best practices in the management of their data.

Kit Barker

Let’s hear what Kit Barker, Agilio Software CISO, has to say!

“Ensuring that our data, particularly our customer data, is secure is my primary focus. Being certified to ISO 27001 standard provides a high level of assurance that we’re following best practice and provides a framework by which we can continue to improve.

“We can’t rest on our laurels though – a major element of all ISO standards is continual improvement so once the celebrations have ended, it’s straight back to improving the security of our customers’ data.”

Kit BarkerChief Information Security Officer, Agilio Software