iComply Mobile App

24/7 mobile access to your compliance activities calendar, upload documents/photos within an activity, create related tasks, and view all template documents.

iComply Mobile App

Access your documents, activities and tasks on the go. You can still send team documents, assign activities to team members and check your dashboard while you are away from your desk.


The Dashboard & News

The dashboard is like the web application, just simpler. This is the page you will see once logging in. Just like iComply.
The content of the dashboard:

  1. Latest News
  2. Dues this month
  3. Overdue

The News page displays the latest news in the latest order which can be accessed through the Dashboard and/or the icon on the menu below.

The iComply Calendar

The Calendar automatically displays the month you are currently in. The type of activity is colour coded the same as the web application.
Activities related to a day will be displayed underneath the calendar.
Just like the web application you can go back and forth between the months and return today’s date by clicking on the “Today” button.

Activities & Adding Evidence

When it comes to uploading documents, the mobile app works the same as the web application.
You can attach documents/photos within an activity and create related Tasks.  You can upload documents via the storage on your phone or link to a file i.e. dropbox.
You can take a photo on your phone camera, select a file from your camera library or select a file from the files stored on your phone too.
You can also mark the activity as complete in the app.
Enter your notes as you would on the web version of iComply.

View your calendar and tasks
View individual activities
Create and view tasks


Confidence: You can rest assured knowing you have the most widely used and trusted compliance solution in UK dentistry. We have over 40 years of experience and the biggest team of dental compliance experts, including 16 former Practice Managers at Agilio.

Easy to use for your practice – adapt dental compliance templates and documents to your own needs

Only compliance software to assign priorities to tasks so you can focus on what is important and our unique e-signing feature means you know documents have been received and read by team members.

Truly scalable dental compliance software. Manage and monitor between 1 and 200 practices so as your business grows, iComply grows with you

Automatically schedule your dental compliance management, quality assurance, and other activities to chosen team members

Cloud based software so you can manage your practice’s dental compliance wherever you are by desktop or mobile app

Higher CQC pass rates: iComply members benefit from up to 17% higher CQC pass rates compared to non-members. Maximise your chances of inspection success with iComply, the market leaders.

Expert dental compliance support at the end of a phone or via email when you need it.

Step by step instructions for the whole team so you know everyone is doing dental compliance the right way

Document library updates – iComply keeps on top of the changes to dental compliance regulations, so you don’t have to

Allocate dental compliance tasks to team members and know when they’ve been completed and things don’t get lost if someone leaves

HR support is included. Call our helpline to speak to our team of dental HR experts.


Join our new business team to find out the benefits of using iTeam in your practice.



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