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“Myhrtoolkit is very user-friendly, simple to use, and cost effective. It is really fit for purpose. It isn’t an overcomplicated system – you have everything you need right there. “

Marie Hutchinson, Office Manager

Tolley Health Economics was established in 2008 with a focus on health technology assessment (HTA) in the UK, Europe and globally. For HTA, the company examines the clinical benefits and cost effectiveness of treatments to assist pharmaceutical companies to provide evidence needs for market access to the key policy makers. Marie Hutchinson is the Office Manager for Tolley Health Economics in the UK and helps to manage their 14 employees.

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Myhrtoolkit grows alongside your staff management needs

Marie joined the company 8 years ago, and at that point there were a lot less employees, and the opinion was that there wasn’t a need for software. As a result, staff management was conducted via spreadsheets for holiday and absence data, and using paper written notes in personnel files. “I came from a company with a well-structured HR system, and so knew the benefits of using one.” Whilst researching the best HR systems for their business, Marie found that myhrtoolkit was the best option for their staff management at the time, especially due to their employee count. “Whilst we have expanded rapidly over the last few years, myhrtoolkit has grown alongside the Tolley Health Economics group effectively and still functions as an effective HR management software for our needs.”

It’s easy to use and cost-effective

“I chose myhrtoolkit as it catered to the size of our business, alongside the cost-effectiveness of the software. It also came across as easy to use, unlike other HR systems I investigated which seemed overcomplicated for what we required.”

As the company has used myhrtoolkit over the years, it has started utilising more and more of features on it. One example is the performance management tool that they have fully adopted within the last 12 months to schedule the appraisals and keep notes.

The whole process of booking holidays is streamlined

One of the major features that Marie finds useful is the holiday planner – “for an employee, booking their holidays and securing time off is really important, so it is crucial that they can request their own leave and get a quick turnaround on a decision.”

“The whole process of booking holidays is very streamlined, so once permissions are set up for those with authority to action holidays (such as line managers), it is simple for a leave request to be processed. If the request is not actioned within a reasonable time frame, I am able to see this as a controller and chase it up”.

A useful calendar alert system

Another feature that Marie finds effective is the calendar and the alert system – “we do a lot of project-based work so there are times where it is not ideal for employees to take leave, and therefore being able to mark certain dates with differing levels of availability is useful for employees as well as employers when planning their holidays”.

Myhrtoolkit helps review patterns of absence

Myhrtoolkit also helps to keep records of appointments (such as dental appointments) of staff and track their absences. “The toolkit can register and alert controllers to any patterns of absence, allowing us to review them and offer any support to employees if required. This helps if an employee takes a lot of time off for several appointments related to the same issue, as we can offer any support and assistance we can to the employee within the office as well.”

It isn’t an overcomplicated system – you have everything you need right there

Marie would definitely recommend myhrtoolkit to other businesses. “Myhrtoolkit is very user-friendly, simple to use, and cost effective. It is really fit for purpose. It isn’t an overcomplicated system – you have everything you need right there. Also, the webinars hosted by the myhrtoolkit team are really useful. You can pick and choose content to engage with.”