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““I’d recommend myhrtoolkit, yeah! Because it’s quite easy, it’s quite self-explanatory. It ticks all the boxes.”

Garry Pamment, Managing Director

Norwest Medical provide high quality emergency and urgent care services, non-emergency patient transport and event medical services, helping their partners deliver outstanding care for their patients.

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Garry Pamment, Norwest Medical

Garry Pamment is the Managing Director at Norwest Medical.

Say goodbye to the days of paper files

Norwest Medical did all their HR and staff management tasks on paper before using Myhrtoolkit, which caused a range of issues, as well as worries about things going missing.

Garry said: “It was all paper. Each person had a file, so when people say ‘HR file’; it was literally a ring binder file. I was always worried about how easy it would be for things to go missing. Another problem we had was that someone might take something out, a photocopy for example, and then forget to put it back in the correct area.

Myhrtoolkit helps you keep everything secure

Another big difference between using Myhrtoolkit and using paper for HR and staff management is the security aspect of it. Garry explained how much more secure everything is now that they’re not just relying on people remembering to lock things.

“Security was another concern; as good as things are behind lock and key in the admin office, someone may nip out of the room and forget to lock the office or the drawer. So, we moved away from that and now use Myhrtoolkit with the backup, and it’s all on the server, so only certain people have access to the server as well as the toolkit, so the security aspect has instantly been resolved.”

Release the chaos from your mind with myhrtoolkit’s file notes

Garry’s favourite feature of the system is the file notes as they enable him to get things out of his head, put them down, and save them, so he doesn’t have to remember so many things at once.

“My favourite part is the file notes, really, because it’s a dumping ground. As daft as it sounds, you can just chuck anything in there and just forget about it. For example, if we had a member of staff who turns up late sometimes, and by the end of their probation period in three months, I would’ve completely forgot about it, but I could have a look through the file notes and see there’s a pattern; every Wednesday, they’ve turned up late. So, it’s not until you start drawing in all the individual cases that it then becomes clear.”

“it ticks all the boxes”

“I’d recommend myhrtoolkit, yeah! Because it’s quite easy, it’s quite self-explanatory. It ticks all the boxes; you can chuck the annual leave in, or someone could ring me and ask how many days’ leave they’ve got, and it’s literally just a few clicks of a button to find out. You couldn’t make it any easier.”