Nordic Pharma is a medium-sized Pharma company with a history of internal product development and acquisitions, with deep roots throughout Europe and beyond. Their focus is on the development and commercialisation of speciality products, including niche hospital and orphan products, aiming to address unmet medical needs.

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Kirill Politkin - Nordic Pharma

Kirill Politkin is the General Manager at Nordic Pharma and has been in this role since 2020.

Myhrtoolkit is not only quick and efficient, but also very well priced

Kirill told us that Nordic Pharma previously relied on Excel spreadsheets, which wasn’t very efficient, so using our HR software has streamlined everything for them and made it all much quicker and simpler.

“We used to use Excel, which was really, low-tech and cumbersome. But then we had a look into myhrtoolkit and it looked attractive, especially at this cost, and it was great, so we just implemented it, and everyone appreciated it.”

Streamline your holiday management system with myhrtoolkit

Our HR software has successfully enabled Nordic Pharma to manage staff holidays in an effective way with just a few clicks of a button.

“We implemented the system in 2021, primarily for out-of-office and holidays; this was the major reason why we implemented it. We were previously using Excel and it was horrible. With myhrtoolkit, I receive an email from my employees asking to book a vacation, then I can just go to the system and click ‘OK’. If I am in doubt, I can go and see how many days they have left to book, and it’s also extremely useful when it comes to cancelling or changing the days.”

We’re always on hand to support you and answer any questions you my have

Kirill assured us that our customer support has always been more than satisfactory: “The level of support we received during set-up was amazing. We didn’t have issues, everything was working, and whenever I’ve had questions, they have been answered in a very quick way”.

Intuitive, speedy and easy-to-use

“Myhrtoolkit addressed exactly the need we initially had, which was to manage the out-of-office and holiday aspects. Secondly, it became an organiser for all our documents, contracts, all of that sort of stuff.

“I find the system simple, easy, and intuitive; you can just do everything quickly”, Kirill concluded.