Fusion Occupational Health are an occupational health provider and workplace safety company based in Cardiff, with clients throughout the UK. Their services include mental health services, drug and alcohol testing, health and wellbeing, absence management, and mindfulness, just to name a few.

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Vicky Jones, Services Operations Manager

Get rid of endless spreadsheets

Before myhrtoolkit, Fusion Occupational Health were just relying on spreadsheets and emails for their staff management and admin needs. This caused issues for them and slowed things down, especially when certain people were off work.

Vicky said: “Myhrtoolkit provides us with a nice tool to oversee everything, where a hierarchy can see all the information they need without having to go to one person like we used to. If that person was off work, the process couldn’t be maintained, so the hierarchy can now see extra information, which makes it so much more beneficial for us”.

Myhrtoolkit saves your business valuable time

Fusion Occupational Health are pleased with how myhrtoolkit has enabled them to find things much easier, pulling out reports far quicker than they were previously able to.

“You can pull up a series of reports to get your end product, whereas before we would have had to use spreadsheets, filters, rely on emails being up to date and stored in the correct area. So, from a time management perspective, this is a huge bonus for us. Being able to share some responsibilities over certain teams is a bonus as well.”

The holiday calendar was the main attraction

Vicky’s favourite feature is the holiday calendar, as it means that people don’t have to log into spreadsheets in which people may not be able to add stuff to a spreadsheet that someone else has created.

“The myhrtoolkit holiday calendar is universal across our whole family; lots of users can use it at exactly the same time by doing the same process, so the holiday calendar is a massive one for us, our main reason for going with myhrtoolkit in the first place”, Vicky explained.

Great set up and training sessions

Vicky told us that Fusion Occupational Health haven’t needed to contact anyone on the support team apart from adding manual bank holidays for the extra bank holiday this year, which she assured us we helped with accordingly. About their initial set-up with myhrtoolkit, Vicky said “During the set-up, it was really, really good. We had very nice training sessions on there, and it was good to be able to push that through and get started with the system”.

An easy-to-use system that’s very quick to access

“I’d absolutely recommend myhrtoolkit. It gives us a lot more than what we were even looking for in the first place and it’s an easy tool to use; we have employees from 17-70 years old, so it needs to be an easy system that we can all access quite quickly, and that’s exactly what it gives us”, Vicky concluded.