“I would recommend myhrtoolkit, it is a user-friendly platform which can be implemented very easily.”

Gary Aldridge, Area Manager

Druglink is a registered substance misuse charity based in Hertfordshire. Their main objective is to change the future for those who are, or could be, affected by substance misuse. Druglink offers Addiction Treatment, Housing Solutions and Training to encourage substance misuse prevention or aid recovery.

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Gary Aldridge. Druglink Area Manager

Gary Aldridge is an Area Manager for Druglink and deals with a lot of staff management. He uses myhrtoolkit extensively for tracking annual leave, keeping notes on files, performance reviews and staff absences. They also use the training feature to log and document training courses and qualifications that his staff have.

Myhrtoolkit helps business communication

Any news or policies that need to be shared with the team are uploaded onto the toolkit. “As there is often a lot of information to be shared due to the nature of the company, it is very useful for staff to have access to all of this in one place. This is especially useful for the company when undergoing an induction process with a new employee.”

Most helpful feature: Employee file notes

The notes function within the toolkit is an important aspect of the software for the business’ day-to-day management. “Being able to place notes on individual employee files makes it easy to track details such as certain dates and times of specific instances, meetings, or conversations. These can contain crucial information for the business in the long-term – such as for compliancy reasons – and so the ability to have these notes added and easy to find afterwards helps management keep track of everything.”

Myhrtoolkit Support

Whenever Gary has required any support using myhrtoolkit, he has contacted our customer support team via telephone. “They always give me helpful direction and guidance on any features or tools I have needed more support with.”

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit?

 “I would recommend myhrtoolkit, it is a user-friendly platform which can be implemented very easily. For managers and staff, it is really easy for them to use the toolkit to book and manage leave.”