Covid-19 SOP

Updated Translation to Recovery SOP in England: Further details

Yesterday we reported the release of updates to the Transition to Recovery Standard Operating Procedure from the office of the Chief Dental Officer. There are a few changes that will be of interest to NHS practices in England, however, many of the procedures seen in previous versions of the SOP remain. Key highlights from this update include:

  • Practices have been reminded that there is still an obligation to prioritise patients with the greatest clinical need
  • Receptions should now be open to patients to come in and book appointments. This is to avoid disadvantaging patients with poor access to phones or other devices. However, practices can still take appropriate measures to manage the flow and number of people physically in the building to ensure social distancing
  • Dental practitioners should now ensure that the triage and risk assessment of clinically extremely vulnerable patients should include confirmation of vaccination status and patient wishes
  • The full range of domiciliary dental services can resume as long as a suitable risk-assessments are undertaken
  • Practices should review their business continuity plans to ensure arrangements are in place to minimise the impact of a local incident on services
  • Dental practices should ensure that they regularly review risk assessments for all their staff, making sure to record discussions with team members and the agreed actions
  • Staff risk-assessments should be updated in light of changes to individual staff circumstances or local risk of COVID-19
  • Practices should ensure they continue to have a COVID-19 lead
  • With flexible commissioning; practices are being encouraged to adopt a range of contractual options designed to increase access and deliver interventions focussed on the local oral health inequality needs
  • The SOP also includes information on how and when staff should pause use of the NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app


Agilio will be reviewing our COVID-19 SOP document set to consider if any updates are required in light of these changes.