Test to Release Scheme

On 15th December 2020, the Test to Release for International Travel scheme was introduced. This scheme helps to reduce the self-isolation period for people returning to the country from places which are not exempt from quarantine, if they test negative for COVID-19.

For England, Wales and Northern Ireland, please follow the link here for the list of countries exempt from the quarantine requirement. For Scotland, please follow the link here. If the country travelled from is not on the exemption list, there is a requirement to self-isolate for 10 days upon return.

People now returning to the country are able to take a COVID-19 test, with a private test provider, 5 days after leaving a place not on the travel corridor list. If they test negative, they will no longer be required to complete the 10 day self-isolation period. If a positive test result is received, a self-isolation period of 10 days from the test date or from when symptoms started to be display (if earlier) must be completed. If an unclear test result is received, completion of the self-isolation period is required, unless another test is taken with a negative result.

To take part in the scheme, details will need to be provided on the passenger locator form and a test should be booked before travelling to the country. If a decision is made to take part in the scheme after arrival in the country, another passenger locator form will need to be completed.