New report on ventilation, water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19

Representatives from Public Health England, academia and the devolved nations have this week published a Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation (SBAR) on ventilation water and environmental cleaning in dental surgeries relating to COVID-19.

The report reviews and make recommendations for remobilisation, development of guidance and other activities with respect to ventilation (and associated aspects) within dental practices and treatment rooms based on the best available evidence and consensus expert opinion. This includes a review of the current evidence around fallow time following high-risk AGEs.

The report examines the current evidence base and is not intended as specific formal guidance, rather it is intended to provide recommendations to help inform future policy and the development of guidance.

Practices might find the report of interest, however, should note that that recommended fallow time remains one hour for high-risk AGEs. The SBAR on ventilation is a technical review and will inform future policy regarding reducing fallow time.

The CDOs in all regions have hailed this report as “a welcome addition to the information available on AGPs in the COVID period”. Therefore, CODE is hopeful that this report represents a significant step towards a reduction to the recommended fallow time in the near future.

The report can be read and downloaded here.