General Dental Council

General Dental Council Update

After many years of campaigning by the British Dental Association the General Dental Council have finally accept payment for the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) by instalments.

The change will mean quarterly Direct Debits of £170 for dentists, and £28.50 for Dental Care Professionals, for those wishing to use the new arrangements.

Shareena Ilyas, Chair of the British Dental Association’s Education, Ethics and the Dental Team Working Group said:

“The ability to pay by instalments is one of the basics any registrant should expect from their regulator. This represents much needed change from the General Dental Council, and not before time.

 A single large annual payment has proved a real barrier for many dentists, particularly those just starting out. We were told change was impossible and we only got here by refusing to take no for an answer.

 This is good news that so many have long hoped for, and we await details on how the system will operate.”

This will be a welcome relief to many Dental Care Professionals.

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