BAPD and BDA lobbying on changes to COVID-19 SOPs

The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) and the British Dental Association (BDA) are separately calling for more certainty about when changes to the COVID-19 standard operating procedures will be made.

The BAPD have published a Rationale and Risk Assessment for De-escalation of Enhanced PPE in dentistry where they state in their view the criteria defining low, medium and high-risk pathways needs to be revisited. Their position is that ‘consideration needs to be given to balancing living and working with the virus and keeping teams safe’ (emphasis added). They argue that ‘SOPs should be regularly reviewed and decided at a local level using information locally available.’

The BDA have informed the profession that they “have been pressing the office of the CDO England over what might trigger a change in Standard Operating Procedures, as general practitioners are finding adherence to it challenging.’ The organisation has stated that they ‘feel that whatever is in place needs to be more dynamic than it is currently and are asking questions along the lines of: “Will change be driven by the R-number, the double vaccination of patients and providers or broader Government policy?”’.