Announcement on the NHS Contractual Arrangements for January to March 2021

The long-awaited decision on from NHS England on the contractual arrangements from 1st January to 31st March 2021 has been announced.

From the start of the year practices with general contracts will be asked to deliver 45% of their pre-pandemic annual UDA target, pro-rata for the last quarter of the year. Those that do will be deemed to have delivered the full contractual volume. Orthodontic practices will be required to reach 70% of UOAs to achieve full contract recognition for the same period.

Practices which do not meet this level with be subject to an abatement. Commissioners have been provided with discretion to make exceptions – for example, where practice staff are required to self-isolate or are affected by the reinstatement of shielding in tier 4 areas.

Guidance on these arrangements can be found in the letter from NHS England and the Chief Dental Officer, Sara Hurley. Further detailed information is contained within the NHS Business Services Authority’s guidance on dental contract arrangements for 2020/21.