Dental practice development

Dental practice development: boost morale by investing in team development

Is your dental practice committed to continual team training and development? Doing so helps you create and sustain a well-rounded team that adapts quickly to change. Continued professional development (CPD) and training, therefore, cannot be ignored; a failure to invest in training with the whole team can severely impact your dental practice development and business performance.

The pandemic has challenged the most robust of dental teams to ensure practices remain safe for staff and patients. Practices have been put to the test by working within new guidelines and operating procedures set out by Public Health England. So, it’s important now more than ever to invest in team development and training.

Investing in team training and development

As with all businesses, the most significant asset of your dental practice is the team. Failing to invest in training and development can prove costly as a result.

Ensuring team members are trained with the basic dental compliance/CPD requirements will satisfy the regulating bodies that you are operating safely and care outcomes are achieved. But are these enough to ensure our teams feel valued and are you supporting your business effectively?

Opportunities for career development can significantly add to a feeling of staff health and wellbeing at work. Investing in training and development will make team members feel valued, that they have long-term career prospects, and that they are part of something bigger.

Enhancing skillsets mean that the team will be confident and skilled in their ability to do their jobs well and will begin to engage actively and seek out new learning opportunities.

The costly risks of not investing in team training and development

  • Poor patient experience
  • Poor compliance
  • Low team morale
  • High staff turnover
  • Low operational efficiency
  • Lack of loyalty and engagement

High Staff Turnover

As a result of team members being poorly trained, they are likely to feel unappreciated in their role. This can therefore result in them leaving your employment.

In turn, this will have a negative knock-on effect on the whole team’s morale, resulting in potentially more team members leaving your employment.

High staff turnover can prove expensive with an estimated cost of between 20% – 30% of the job’s salary to recruit and retrain a new staff member.

Training and Development opportunities can take place in many formats. A good team training programme will consist of a wide range of learning opportunities so that team members remain stimulated and engaged, such as:

  • Team meetings
  • Face to face courses
  • Practice study groups
  • Peer review
  • E-learning platforms

E-Learning platforms for dental practice development

Online platforms allow practices to deliver training more efficiently. With team members potentially spread across several locations, it will enable practices to coordinate training easily. It also becomes much easier to track individual requirements and needs more effectively.

The benefits of E-Learning platforms

  • Training at your fingertips
  • Cost-effective
  • Team members can plan their schedule
  • Auditable

A well-trained team with good morale quickly creates a practice where high-quality patient care, efficiency, and profitability is the norm. Conversely, a poorly-managed, poorly-trained team can soon turn a business into a burden.

If you wish to retain good employees, make sure to provide clear opportunities for development and growth. This is so that team members feel valued and that their contribution is significant and worthwhile.

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